Zwick’s Pretzels

You probably have already heard about the new pretzel place in town. It’s been open for about a month now and it has already made its way through social media. Some of my friends were raving about how good their pretzels are so I had to try it out. The lineup was pretty long  when I went last Saturday and it took awhile for our order to come out too, which is understandable. They have a small table in the restaurant with 6 seats available. The restaurant itself is pretty small so I wouldn’t recommend dining inside. It took me awhile to decide if I want to make a post about this place or not since it contradicts a lot of other food bloggers opinions on it.

corned beef sandwich $8

Excuse the half eaten sandwich… I got too hangry in the car to wait till I got home for a photo… I got the corned beef sandwich and I really enjoyed it. It was basically a beef brisket sandwich with swiss, mozzarella, slaw, and “magic sauce” in a pretzel bun. My friend got the pork sausage (not pictured. Ate it in the car as well…) which was basically a pork hotdog with apple onion relish on top. We both agreed that the pork sausage needed a little more seasoning.

16931092_10155010633473334_430128851_o (1).jpg
guajillo & feta pretzel $3

We ordered 4 other pretzels but I’ll review them all in this section of the post. I tried the flavours: garlic butter, savoury garlic, spicy scallion & mozza, and guajillo & feta. After trying each flavour, they all ended up tasting the same to me. The flavours aren’t too strong either. The garlic butter doesn’t have a strong garlic taste, which is a plus if you don’t want garlic breath!

The dough was dry and tough for these pretzels and we needed water to chase it down. Pretzels are supposed to be soft, chewy, and salty, all which Zwick’s is lacking. My friend also mentioned that he couldn’t taste or smell any yeast from the pretzels. The size of each was a lot smaller than expected so it’d be good for snack. If you’re craving pretzels then head over to West Edmonton Mall for some Wetzels because those are at least soft and flavourful.

Zwick’s Pretzels

12415 – 107 Avenue NW, T5M 1Z2

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