Izakaya Tomo

Izakaya Tomo has been open for quite a while now, but I figured I’d give them a shout out anyways. I discovered this restaurant about 3 years ago and it has easily become my favourite ever since because they’re different than your average Japanese restaurant. Here, they focus on tapas and Japanese liquor. I went on a Friday night right when they opened at 5pm to avoid the dinner rush (they fill up pretty quick around 6pm).

chutoro (top) $29, uni (bottom) $20

I started off with some fresh sashimi on the daily special menu. The chutoro is the name of a medium fatty tuna, it’s fattier and much more enjoyable than regular toro. It gives a “melt in your mouth” texture! Uni is an edible part of a sea urchin, or more specifically, the sea urchin’s gonads. You might not enjoy this if you’re not a fan of fish since it has a stronger fishy taste and creamy texture.

nigiri sushi scallop $4.50 each (4 orders pictured)

I usually order the haso maki (pictured below) but the server heard me wrong and thought I wanted the nigiri sushi scallop instead. Maybe it’s cause I asked for 6 orders… Anyways, I’m glad he got the order wrong cause this is amazing! If you love chop chop rolls, you HAVE to give these a try. It’s topped with loads of creamy scallops (and trust me, they don’t skimp out on the toppings.) We ended up ordering 2 more rolls after this even though we were full!

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.57.06 PM.png
haso chop chop maki $4.50/6pcs (2 orders pictured)

This is probably one of my main reasons for always coming back here. These little rolls are dangerous… You could easily eat 6 orders without even realizing it. Maybe that’s just me… There’s not much to say about these, the scallop is always fresh, it’s light and the flavour is not too strong. I ended up ordering another 6 orders for myself to take home for my second dinner tonight.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.16.11 PM.png
mentaiko $12

Also known as mentai udon. It’s udon noodles mixed with mentaiko and butter. Simple and delicious! The flavour isn’t overly powerful and the udon noodles are cooked to perfection.

tonpei yaki $12

This is a stir fried pork and cabbage dish wrapped in a fried egg and topped with okonomi sauce. I order this dish occasionally when I crave it since it’s too strong and rich for me. It’d be a lot better if it came with a side of rice to balance out the flavour.

17499854_10154345738192694_1215801308_o (1).jpg
chicken kara age $9.50/4pcs

The difference between chicken kara age and regular fried chicken is the cooking methods. When you cook fried chicken, the flavours are usually put in the flour before frying. For kara age, the flavours are marinated on the chicken before putting on the flour. I tried the mayo mentai flavour (mayonnaise and mentaiko sauce).

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.42.44 PM.png
kimchi fried rice $11

The next dish that came out was the kimchi fried rice. This item is off the menu but you could still order it. I’m not sure why they took it out since it’s delicious! I usually don’t order fried rice when I go out so I haven’t tried this until now. I recommend this if you’re looking for something a little more filling!

takoyaki $7.50/6pcs

I feel like ordering takoyaki at a Japanese restaurant is always a must for me. It’s a round Japanese snack filled with an average sized octopus inside.

17499983_10154345973507694_800822026_o (1)
garlic salmon fried rice $11

After trying the kimchi fried rice, I couldn’t leave without grabbing another fried rice dish. I ordered this for takeout as well for my second dinner… (Bless for my high metabolism!) It has bits of salmon pieces and seaweed mixed in. The garlic isn’t too strong either. I can’t decide if I prefer the garlic salmon fried rice or kimchi fried rice more. You’d just have to try it yourself!

I love coming here. They’re always consistent with their food quality and excellent service. It gets pretty busy on the weekend so I usually have to do takeout. Keep in mind that most of the dishes are small so it’d cost about the same as a higher end restaurant. This meal costed around $180, not including tips, for 2 people. I’ve been told that I eat 2-3x more than the average person so don’t take my word for it though!

Izakaya Tomo

3739 99 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6C8

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2 thoughts on “Izakaya Tomo

  1. haha this makes me feel better about the amount of food I order at izakaya. I think my bill is around $180-200 everytime I go there with one other person!


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