Chateau Beirut

Wait, we’re having lunch at a hookah bar? I mean… okay. If the food is good, why not? I came here today for my lunch break with some of my colleagues since it was a recommendation from one of them. I was promised good food and slow service. It was almost that. Do NOT come here if you’re on a time crunch of less than 2 hours. It took us about 5 minutes to decide what we wanted to order but we weren’t served until 15 minutes later. That wasn’t it. The food took OVER 40 MINUTES to come out. We had two other people joining us and our server didn’t come back to check on us until 15 minutes later for them to order their food… And of course, their food took another 40 minutes to come out. They even ordered a simple chicken quesadilla and chicken strips since they were aware of the long wait time. My friend said the chicken quesadilla was very salty and had beef mixed in with the chicken. Let’s just say we took a way longer lunch break than we should’ve…

chicken shawarma warp w/ fries $9

I ordered the chicken shawarma wrap for myself. The chicken was just a tad bit dry but not bad. It was also mixed in A LOT of garlic butter sauce. I’m usually a fan of butter but not this much, or in a wrap! The fries were delicious though, and was the only saviour of my lunch (especially since people couldn’t finish their fries and gave me theirs.)

Overall, this place is nothing compared to Turquaz Kebab House. I can’t justify the whopping price of $17-21 for their platters when it’s mainly filled with rice and salad. It’s more expensive than Turquaz and for poorer food/service. It’s a great place for hookah, but not for food. Also, if you plan on eating here, beware of the smell and smoke of gas. I normally don’t mind it but the entire time you’re eating, all you could smell is gasoline.

Chateau Beirut

10185 107 St, Edmonton, AB T5J

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