Sushi Wasabi

YEG Cravings, what is your favorite sushi restaurant in Edmonton? Well, it depends what I’m feeling, nigiri/sashimi or rolls? Regardless, Sushi Wasabi is definitely on my top 3 list of places. My friend took me here last month for my late birthday dinner. This small restaurant gets pretty busy on the weekends, so remember to book a reservation! Don’t expect them to pick up on the first call either…

On our last visit, we decided to share everything so we could try more dishes. Starting off with beef tataki, a Japanese version of steak — thinly sliced, seared on the outside, and rare on the inside. The beef was a little too thick and chewy for our liking. The flavors were good from the tangy citrus soy sauce; however, you could smell that it wasn’t fresh and had been kept in the fridge for some time now.

Look at all those colors! Wild Atlantic salmon, yellowtail, tuna, red snapper, and octopus. A seafood lover’s dream. The fish was fresh and had the “melt-in-your-mouth” texture, which made every bite buttery and irresistible.

Chop chop, Hamachi, and unagi nigiri — $3.50 per roll. B.C. rolls $7.25, and aburi salmon maki $8.50. The prices sure rack up on these! Everything was absolutely delicious, but the one to catch our hearts were the unagi nigiri — and let me tell ya, it’s the best thing in the world. Grilled eel on top of rice. How can you even go wrong with that?! I could eat this everyday if I could.

There you have it — short and simple. Sushi Wasabi will always be my all time go-to place when I’m craving nigiri or sashimi. When I want rolls or other Japanese foods, Izakaya Tomo. Sushi is the one thing I would always choose quality > quantity, the difference is huge!

Sushi Wasabi

5714 111 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H3G1

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