Italian Centre Shop

Italian Centre Shop has been opened for 60 years now. It is the only grocery store in Edmonton that offers the most variety of high quality meats, cheese, antipastas, oils, and much more. Dont worry! I will spare you the boredom of reading a list of every single product in their store because there is just too much — from food ingredients to kitchen utencils, you’d have to go check it out yourself!


I’ll start by telling you what my favourite products are, and specifically how this place is different than your typical grocery store like Walmart, Superstore, Save-On’s, etc. It’s a European-style market, meaning, instead of shopping for a week’s worth of groceries, you should shop every day for the freshest food items. Instead of making a grocery list for ingredients, you would go to see what is in season and cheap to make for the day.

Now, we all know this life style isn’t always possible with our busy schedules. I personally shop here specifically for my DIY charcuterie nights. My purchases are dependent on what I feel like eating that night.

variety of meats and cheeses — not all from Italian Centre

You can never go wrong with the prosciutto di parma, salami chorizo, finnochiona, hot cappicola, genoa, hot sopressatta, and mortadella. The finnochiona, capicola, and prosciutto di parma is a must. Finnochiona isn’t always on their menu though since it’s specially imported, so you’d have to double check with them first.

Cheeses: gruyere, moliterno, dubliner, aged white cheddar (~18 months old), sylvan star gruyere (to make grilled cheese), and smoked gouda.

love this vegetable spread!
huge selection of olive oils

Okay, real question — how do you know which olive oil to choose? Depends on what it’s for, of course!

Manager Joe recommended choosing an olive oil that contains the D.O.P. label. DOP stands for “denominzaione di origine protetta,” the literal translation to “protected destination of origin.” This label is used to ensure that a product is manufactured in a specific geographic location that follow certain regulations. From raw materials to the final production, the product will be entirely manufactured in the same area.


DOP certified olive oils guarantee supreme quality– excluded from any fraud and counterfeits. The olives are processed and grown with specific care instructions.

Olive oil is also best consumed within a couple months; therefore, buying bulk isn’t the best option if you’re not planning on consuming it by then. (Sorry Costco!)

There’s not much to say in regards to a market without boring you guys so I’ll cut this short. The Italian Centre Shop is an excellent place to shop for local, fresh, and (if I didn’t say this enough already) high quality ingredients. I also noted that this is a great place to meet friends and new people. The staff and customers knew each other personally by name, and treated one another like family. There are 3 convenient locations available to shop at — west end, southside, and willow park.

You can also read my Spinelli Bar Italia review on my previous blog post!

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