Chutneys Indian Grill

I love Indian food. I’ve always admired their potent spices and punch of flavour. If it weren’t for the constant food comas right after, I’d eat it on a weekly basis! I was invited to try Chutneys Indian Grill yesterday. It’s quite far from me, and despite the poor roads, we were committed to drive down and try it.

Chutneys Indian Grill was created to offer diners the opportunity to enjoy fresh, build-to-order, healthy Indian cuisine. Think Mucho Burrito and Subways but with Indian food. This casual fast food restaurant was inspired by families going out for dinner on a special occasion, and feeling bloated afterwards. Chutneys was conceived to minimize that heavy feeling with fresh ingredients and healthier alternatives.

Disclaimer: I was invited to try Chutneys. My meal was compensated but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


interior is clean and modern


platters in the making

We tried two platters as well as lion fries, mango lassi, and ladoo bites.


build-your-own platter $11.50 each

The build-your-own bowls are easy to follow instructions.

  1. Choose your base: burroti (fresh wrapped Indian roti bread), salad bowl, bowl, or plate. Then choose which grain you want — basmati rice, brown rice, or quinoa. If you’re indecisive, the plate includes a little bit of everything (2 proteins, 2 sauces, salad mix, naan, choice of masala fries or chips).
  2. Choose your protein
  3. Choose your sauces — there are also sample options if you’re not sure which to choose from!
  4. Choose your toppings
  5. Choose your chutney

Any dish can customized for gluten-free, and/or vegetarian.


My platter consisted of: basmati rice, tandoori chicken, steak, butter sauce for the tandoori chicken, vindaloo sauce for the steak, all of the veggie toppings, fresh cilantro, and green apple and coconut chutney. I opted for the fries instead of chips. The fries were made-to-order and topped with Indian spices.

Each platter had generous portions for the price.


lion fries

Why didn’t anyone think of adding butter chicken sauce, pickled onions, cilantro, jalapeños, and creamy habanero on top of fries? Rich combination. My only suggestion would be to fry it a tad more so it wouldn’t become soggy with all the sauces.


mango lassi

A favourite at Indian restaurants. We tried the mango lassi to pair with our meal. Chutneys takes a spin on this using only mangos, yogurt, and honey. 3 simple ingredients. No added sugar or syrups. Refreshing and sweet, enough to cut the richness from our meal.


ladoo bites

Ladoo bites for dessert. These are basically peanut butter, oats, honey, coconut, skor chips, and M&M’s. Great for snacking, pre-workout boost, and a healthier alternative for dessert.

Chutneys is Canada’s first Indian restaurant to hold a fast food concept. They’re planning on expanding stores in BC in May and another opening in Toronto before the end of 2018. Very exciting news, and congrats to them! I’d love to see them open in Downtown Edmonton, I bet it’d be a huge success.

Chutneys Indian Grill

4316-17 Street NW, AB T6T 0C1

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