Luxury French Chocolates: Francois Le Roi

Paris — the city of love, lights, and the gorgeous Eiffel Tower — has always been on the top of my list of destinations I would love to travel to. Francois Le Roi came straight from Paris to Edmonton, to open a unique chocolate shop named after himself.

Disclaimer: I was invited to try some chocolates at Francois Le Roi. My treats were compensated but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Just south of Whyte Avenue on Gateway Blvd, Francois has marked his territory in Edmonton.

Meet the master chocolatier himself: Francois Le Roi. After observing Edmonton’s lack of chocolate scene, Francois wanted to share his fine chocolates to Edmontonians.


There’s no doubt in Francois passion in all his works. Each piece of chocolate has a different story and profile behind it; as well as using ingredients that are “USDA certified organic, sugar-free (using #1 rated Turkish honey) with no extra flavouring, just fruit puree.” Every bite will give you a glimpse of Paris.


The interior reminded me of a museum exhibiting fine chocolates, coupled with a few tables to grab some treats and have a conversation with Francois himself.




The sculptures are hand crafted with a special story behind it. You can truly see that creating such chocolates are not simply a sweet dessert– but rather, it is mixed with Francois’s passion, love, creativity, craft, and emotions. It is almost like a new language itself. Like art, his creations are what you make of it. What do you think of these two sculptures?


I tried an assortment of chocolates. I particularly fell in love with the chateau milk, matcha ganache truffle, and plain vanilla truffle.

The chateau milk is notably smooth with hints of coffee. There is also a tiny piece of 24kt gold, and no, you cannot taste the gold (lol).



Matcha ganache truffle is a mixture of 70% dark chocolate covered with Japanese matcha. I was taken away the smoothness of the chocolate complemented with the richness of the matcha.
The designs of each piece are minimal yet elegant. Although simple on the outside, the interior of the chocolates may surprise you! The flavours and texture certainly did for me.
It was a pleasure visiting and listening in on Francois’ chocolatier story. Theres a lot to tell but you’d have to meet him yourself to hear his incredible and heartfelt journey. While listening on his story, there were multiple customers that came in and were treated like family. Francois allows you to sample a number of his creations prior to purchasing. These chocolates are on the pricier side — around $2.80 to $4.80 each piece, due to using best quality ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else. I strongly recommend you to try this place if you’re a French chocolate lover or a chocolate fanatic. Trust me, you’d fall in love.
Francois Le Roi – Fine Chocolatier – Paris
8116 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton, AB T6E 4B1

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